How To Get Free Data With 20Bids App | Get 500MB data From 20Bids

Flashints is here to blast you with latest app that give 500Mb free data named 20Bids in June 2019.  It work like 24clan browsing cheat, flaim and gidimo data app that reward customers with free MB to browse the internet with 0.00K on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE.

get free data on 20bids in june

What is 20bids and how it works

It’s online platform that review products online like alibaba, ebay, jumia, amazon, etsy, takelot and soon on. How 20bids free data app work? It help users with information about their health tools, devices, cloths, shoes, gadgets and much more. You will get payment for each product you share with your pals via social network. It means when you promote their product you will surely get your own reward.
You can still earn payment from the company, aside from the free 500MB data you make.

How much Can I earn with 20Bids?

That should be the main queries, how much you can make if you work with Bids.  Therefore, I have listed the features of 20bids below;
    • Sharing items you can make $150 online a month. You can share 20 items in 1 hour and share for 20 hours a day, you can earn up to $150 or more per month in the share bonus.
    • You receive $1.5 plus free membership for each person you refer to the system and you can activate the customer account instantly referred to.
    • You receive 20 percent bonus from the commission paid for the item you bought and you can cancel your donation cards once your offer has been confirmed by any of our market place associates.
  • You can make  $250 online within a month by publishing trendy products from our associates online on our website, once your email has been checked and enabled you can cancel your rewards before the 30th of each amount.
  • To become our officer, you can gain up to $1000, gain passive income by helping us distribute our facilities around the globe. Make payment simple by offering customers in your nation with a peer-to-peer billing solution and we will reward you with an immediate bonus per transaction under you.

How to get free data bonus on 20Bids

Visit the official website through this link and download the app.
Create an account
Complete the data correctly
Make sure the information you provided is yours because you will need them to claim your free data.
 If your account is activated, then login to claim your free browsing bonus data via this link. Make sure you provide your mobile number with your network provider. This free 500mb data can take some minutes before you can get it, so don’t panic if you don’t see it immediately.

How to get unlimited free data with 20bids app

To get up to 1GB data or more, you need to refer more pals. Before you notice you should have to get up to 2gb data, Make sure you share your generated referral link via various social networks.
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