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Best paying url shortener paid sites to make money online without captcha

Are you a YouTuber, Blogger, Digital Marketer that is searching for the highest paying URL shortener sites to earn online money? or your opinion is tough for making money online with the file you upload? If yes, then you are in the right place to know a simple way to earn money with your URL. For instance, you can short your link to earn more money online.

top best url shortener list

Most publishers upload their files online and think about how to make online money with the huge files they upload. For that reason, URL shortener came in, I mean every visitor of your site/website need to solve some survey before the download url can be available

What is url shortener paid sites and how can I earn from shortening my url?
Queries from many publishers on how url shortener work. Let me reveal the format for you, the file you upload online or the url you wish to monetize are covert to short from long URL. E.g. the main URL is https://www.upload-file-for-earn then when you use URL shortener it will be shrunk to form a short URL like http://bly.net. The best part of free URL shortening is that you do not need to have much knowledge about it, I mean no skill is requiring before you can make money with it.

How to choose the right URL shortener paid sites

When choosing for the highest paying url shortener you have to be careful about it, because some publishers or YouTubers don’t examine much before they pick out of tons of link shortener services. Well, this article has covered all things you need because we have a cumulative list of high and best paying url shortener paid site based on a factor will make research on.


As you are aware that some companies pay per thousands of views within 24hrs, I mean they pay per 1000 unique views.

Country paying rate are not the same

When choosing url shortener, the highest paying url shortener to make money online matter, and in other cases it doesn’t matter because some target countries like USA, Canada, and Uk pay $10-$100 per 1000 unique views. But the story is not the same for other countries like India, Nigeria e.t.c that have low cpc rate

Referral system

Most of the publishers don’t take this part important. But let it be in your mind that is another network to make money. I.e you will be given 20% commission for anyone you refer to your registration link. For doing that you are boosting your payment threshold.

For the above reason, try to consider the referral program.

How you can make money with url shortener paid sites
When users click on your short url, you will earn from it. You can make up to $3-8 per 1000 traffic on your link, your earning depends on how you drag traffic to your link. The payment threshold of url services are different, some pay $5 as threshold and some threshold are higher than that

List of highest paying url shortener to make money in 2020

1. Shortzon

Shortzon highest paying url shortener

This is one of the best and highest paying url shortener sites to make online money in India for 2020. Shortzon is a new service and its a well-trusted company because they support 247 live chat to help publisher. The payment method is the same with other url shortener site. Although their minimum payout is just $3.
Register via this link: Shortzon
They help you to shrink your link so that you can earn when you share it.

2. LinkShtink: Best paying url shortener paid sites

Linkshrink is one of the high paying url shortener to make money online in 2020. Because they pay per 1000 of views you to gain to your shrink url. One unique feature of Linkshrink is that you can customize the link you want to shrink. Although Linkshrink is not available to all countries, but all link features you need is on the dashboard.

Things to know about Linkshrink

  1. The referral system is supported by Linkshrink, which means you have a 20% bonus on who visits your referral link and becomes an active member.
  2. Referral banners are supported and it’s of different sizes.
  3. The minimum threshold for Linkshrink is $5 and you can get paid via Bitcoin, PayPal, and Payoneer.
  4. Payment date: You will get paid after 4days of request

3. Clicksfly

high paying link shortener 2019 Clicksfly
  • If we are talking about the highest paying url shortener Clicksfly is one of the best services. Clicksfly offers live chat just like the shortzon.
  • It’s easy to set up and with a friendly interface to track your earning when you have to shrink your link
  • With Clicksfly, you make money on every link you shrink when you get traffic to it.
  • Payment method; they pay via PayPal, Payoneer, Paytm, Payeer, Jezzcash, and some other payment platform and they send out Payment on every month $25-30th)
  • Referral program, you earn 20% commission on your referral link

4. Ouo.io: Highest paying url shortener site to make online money in 2020

best online url service to make online money

Ouo.io is one of the good sites to shrink your link. It works like others link shrinker.
It is easy to set up by using the above link to sign up.
With Ouo shortener, you can make online money up to $1/1000 views
On ouo.io, you get 20% commissions on every users you direct via your link
The minimum threshold on ouo.io is $5 and payment can occur via PayPal, Payeer and Payoneer
Payment is released on every month (1st and 15th)

5. Shrinkearn: best url shortener paid sites


Shrinkearn is different in the company because publishers can create ad campaigns like banner and interstitial ad when they shrink their link.

One of the amazing feature of Shrinkearn

  • Highest paying rate: $ 1-20 per 1000 views on your shrink link
  • The dashboard is easy to use after sign up.
  • Referral system: you earn 25% bonus on each user.
  • Minimum threshold is just $5 which is pretty cool and payment can be on PayPal (it support daily payment)
  • Moreover, Shrinkearn support live chat

6. Shorte.st: highest paying url shortener without Captcha

Shorte.st link shrink

Shorte.st is having a unique feature apart from the best link shortener, you can short your link and any user that click on that link will not solve any Captcha.
The payment threshold is the same with other services and they pay on every month (on 10th)

Shorte.st used Webmoney, Payoneer, and Paypal to deliver payment to every publisher that meet the minimum payout ($5).

7. Adf.ly

adf.ly link

Adf.ly is one of the oldest (popular), trusted and high paying url shortener in the market. I’m very sure that everyone is familiar to Adf.ly, because those download websites like Music and Video downloader do use it. Well Adf.ly is banned in some countries but it’s part of the trusted and highest paying url shortener.

What you should know about Adf.ly

Adf.ly run just like the other url link shrink runs. You will get your payment when you meet the minimum threshold of $5

It runs a referral program and banners of different sizes just like other shrink links

The payment method of adf.ly is via Paypal and Payoneer

8. Thin.At Short URL

Thin.At best high paying link shrinker for 2019

This is one of the best services for high paying url shortener in 2020. Thin.At is Globally and is one of the high paying shortener site. When you short your link on the platform, you can track your progress: traffic stat, earnings stat and payment progress.

Payment on Thin.At can be released during the week or on-time through wire transfer or PayPal.

Use the above link to sign up. It’s free and it don’t take up to 2 minutes before you start earning, you can also run referral program to make money. Each user you refer; you will gain 22% on them.

As mentioned earlier, short your link and share it by placing it on your website, when you click on it and watch ads for few seconds and you will get paid for that on Thin.At

Feature of Thin.at

  • Thin.At publisher rate depends on county starting from $1.0-10.00 on 1000 page views
  • Minimum Payment Threshold: $5
  • Method of payment: Via bank transfer or PayPal
  • Referral system: 22% earning on each users
  • Payment Time: Daily

9. MiniUrl

MiniUrl 2019 high paying url shortener to make money online

This MiniUrl is another link shortener site, it easy to setup in matter of minutes. The dashboard is user friendly, easy to control just like other services

Feature of MiniUrl.io

  • They pay up to $1-10 per page views and publisher rate are different
  • Shorten link can be share on any platform like whatsapp, social media, blog and soon.
  • Minimum payment payout is $5
  • You can get paid twice within a month
  • Payment method is through wire transfer (Bank transfer) or PayPal
  • Referral program: 20% bonus on each user you refer

10. Al.ly

Al.ly 2019

Al.ly is one of the high paying and simple url shortener to make online money. Al.ly pay per 1000 views on your link.

What you should know about Al.ly

It has one unique feature, which is lowest threshold ($1). You can request a payment of $1 compared to others.
Payment is via Payza, PayPal and Skrill

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