How To Get Unlimited Point & Data On Any Network With Dent App

Since not everyone understand how a dent point works. Some users may find it difficulty to set up their Dent to get free browsing data. In this article, I will introduce you to a app that lets anyone earn unlimited free data and coins point in January 2020 (Mod dent app).
This app is called DENT, and it already have most of the telecoms network listed and it help to topup data subscription on your android phone, including your friends phones. It help you to earn free data on any network variant with the app. This app is available on android version 5.0 upward.

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What is the Dent Point Application?

Maybe you still don’t know the benefit and important review about the application, Well I will reveal the hidden truth about the app right now.
This Android application is used to recharge/ buy data, get free unlimited browsing data depending on how you work hard with your Android device.  You get this offer by referring your friends, that’s the more you share the more you earn more free point on dent app.

This application was developed by a party called  DENT WIRELESS, where is the location of the company is in Hong Kong. So if you need credit and want to share pulses with other people, for example your friends or relatives who are abroad such as Nigeria South African (SA) Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Japan, Portugal, Thailand and others countries that support the uses of the app.

This app will give you free dent points to sign up for the first time. Even after that, to earn fewer points, you still have to refer friends.

You may recharge your own phone or a cherished one anywhere in the country using the DENT App. Simply handpick a contact, choose a volume of data and that’s all. It’s very straightforward like that.

Your point can also be redeemed as data. With PayPal you could still buy point or refer friends to earn more dents. The more points that you have, the more data that you are going to redeem. Impressive right?

How To Set Up And Get Free Dent Point Data

It’s a program were they reward new users with  free point, which is used as data to browse for free on all network MTN, Airtel, GLO and more. Just like cheat when they sign up via the app.


  • Download the app from here to get started
  • Register by using your Gmail or Facebook account
  • Verify your Phone number (You will receive your first dent point and not much to redeem your data)
  • To redeem your point to data, you have to refer more people to earn more point

Just enter your mobile number in the “Send Data To” box to redeem your Dents point. Lastly, select the volume of data you would like to redeem. That’s the whole thing. Straightforward like this.

How to hack and get dent unlimited point for free in January 2020

Requirement to get free cheat point for data

  1. Get hack/mod apk app
  2. Get strong VPN app, either free version or paid
  3. Get text plus from here
  4. Temp email ( type temp email on google to pick one)

When you get all the required apps simply open the VPN.
Choose United/ Canada States as location and connect it. (you should notice a key sign on you notification bar if connected successfully ).

    • Make sure you clear app Data and Cache from Settings on every successful data accumulation.
    • Now Open temp-mail to generate temporary email.
    • Afterwards Copy the temp email generated.
    • Quickly launch Textplus app and signup to get free US number.
    • Open the app and signup a new account. (Enter any name or details and paste the mail you copied from temporary email into email space.
    • After signing up  you will be asked to verify your phone number.

Now go back to Textplus and copy the number you just created and paste it back to the app. Remember to change Country code to UNITED States.

Immediately you should receive a verification code from Dent app in your Textplus app.

Now a pop box should come up asking you to enter your  phone number, simply enter the number on which you choose to accumulate the data.

Now to accumulate point all you need to do is repeat the steps  above. I’ve performed the trick 13 times and it was all successful.

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