How To Get Free Data of 750MB on Flaim app

 I will like to introduce everyone to Flaim, another app that offers you free data when you download and activate. Getting the free data from this app that worth N500 free credit and credit

 This app offers 500MB + 250MB data to its customers when you download and sign ups on their app. Get free data on Glo, 9mobile,MTN, and Airtel with flaim in May 2019. We have brought the latest way to get free data to browse the internet. This is not actually free browsing cheat!
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What Services does Flaim Offer?

It’s a mobile app that promised to offer free N500 for its first hundred thousand members. This N500 will be automatically converted to data of 750MB on any networks in Nigeria.

What You Must Know About The App

It is really a social chat platform and sending messages app which had been launched recently in Nigeria, which is currently in trend and is common in the free browsing arena as well. To raise public awareness of the app in Nigeria, Flaim offers first-time users with free data worth 500 MB + 250 MB.

Is Flaim Fully Secured? 

Texts messages and calls are free and safeguarded with encryption to ensure optimal security, the platform has also pledged to launch its own coin that we look forward to launching.

Besides the free browsing overall benefit, this awesome app, its fast, nice and beautiful layout, really needs to be tried. I bet you’re going to like that.


  • Download flaim app from here
  • Full 3G or 4G sim card

How Can I Get My Free Data Subscription With Flaim App



  • To activate your free 750MB data plan on all your networks
  • Install the flaim apk app you downloaded above. 
  • Lunch the app and sign up with yor phone number.
  • After signed up, wait for about 4-5 minutes to receive alert containing your free browsing data on your phone number  via flaim.

That’s the whole thing. By registering on the app, your 750 MB data would have been automatically sent to your phone number for free.

Several users have contacted us to inform us of getting about 1.5GB, while others are given airtime bonus of N500 to cap the free data.

How Can I Check Free Data Bundle 

Quite simple, To check your MTN data bundle, you need to dial * 131 * 4# a message will be sent to you. If you are using Airtel, dial * 140 #.
 For Glo uers, send STATUS to 127 to get your data balance.
And finally, just dial the 9mobile * 228#.

Can I Get Free More Data With The App?

Yes you can get it. Even though you got the first data. To get more free 750 MB of data, you can register with more phone numbers. You can also apply it to accumulate if you know of any method to accumulate data on the app.

Additionally, you’ll still get another 750 MB data bundle if you can refer 5 more friends to the app. By first inviting one of your contacts, you can copy your references link.

Queris From Users That Did Not Get The Free Data On Flaim

Although most people have gotten their data almost instantly, I could not overlook the fact that I have received a lot of notification from users who have not received free data. Several of these users didn’t even receive any message when they registered on the Flaim platform, while others received such a message.

 We apologize for our lack of ability at this moment to activate your data gift, dear customer. It’s because of problems with the network. We’re working quickly to resolve this.

I should conclude that certain users who later received this error were given free data.
So I’ll recommend you just wait if after signing up you didn’t get any data from Flaim.

 If you have any queries or responses, please use the comment box and let us know if you have the gift data.

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