How to Increase Google Adsense CPC Rate and CTR in 2020

List of highest paying keywords and how to increase your Adsense CPC in 2020

If you are getting tons of traffic, either organic, direct or referral and your Google AdSense revenue is low, or you are not getting enough traffic. You must optimize your ads to get enough click and also to increase your CPC on Google Adsense in 2020.
increase Google Adsense cpc
Optimizing AdSense is really important, but make sure you are doing it in the right way. Don’t just increase your adsense cpc in wrong ways. When optimizing your ads, the main achievement is to get high CPC or eCPM. Getting high CTR (Click Through Rate) does not mean it will boost your revenue.
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As mentioned earlier, are you getting enough traffic but your adsense revenue and clicks are too low as a publishers or YouTubers. Then it’s high time to focus on tips and tricks that will increase your adsense revenue.
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As we all know that Google Adsense is one of the best and legendary affiliate program across the globe. Because it’s simple to make money with by just pasting your ads code on the page you want ads to show or you use auto ads code to do the job for you.  Seriously, is part of the best way to make money online only if you are not selling anything on your website.
The word CPC means Cost-Per-Click. CPC will determine how your revenue will increase.
What are reason that affect my CPC
1. Make sure your keywords have high CPC
Best precaution to take if want to increase your adsense cpc is to focus on high cpc niche (meaning high cpc keywords) on your blog.
Your keywords will determine your ads CPC. Let me explain better to you, Law, Education, Marketing, and Automobile niches will increase your adsense cpc.
Blocking Low CPC Ads
You can block any low cpc ads on your Google adsense cpc by navigating to Blocking Control on your AdSense account and click on all site then block any ads that you think it has low CPC.
You can also check those ads that have high impression but give you low revenue.

Well it’s all reveal to everyone that Australia, USA, UK and Germany is part of the country that have high CPC which range from $0.20-100. Although some factor like alexa rank and domain authority will determine your cpc and will be discuss in this article. Some country like India Pakistan and some countries in Africa has low CPC and that one doesn’t mean you should target country that have high cpc. Just focus on your audience because the more the click the higher your AdSense revenue will increase.
 Ads format and placement tips matter
Ads placement is more important. Some publisher do place their ads in a place that will generate high impression but low CTR and that is very wrong. Even too much ads unit on a page can slow down your web-page. Place your Ads at the bottom of your theme don’t mean the chance of CTR will increase. I too believe in it, that the ugly site generates high revenue in some cases. Placing your ads in every post, header, below post title and immediately after post will increase your CTR and that one doesn’t slow your site speed.
Also make experiment by changing your ads format and placement every week. Well you traffic will determine when to do that experiment.
Another factor that will increase your AdSense CPC is Ads units
Most webmaster say that ads 336by280 (large-rectangle) perform well. I agree with that partially, because I do used responsive ads units in all my web-pages, expect where I want only banner to display and this generate me high CTR compared to ads unit 336by280.
I’m not saying these ads didn’t generate but I will recommend you should try responsive ads unit and use banner for your header. Moreover, try to switch to different ads format, I mean from text to rich media and don’t bother yourself to use links ads.

Why you should not use links ads?

 Links ads format generate high CTR but I should not lie it produce low revenue. It will only give you high revenue only if the user clicks on another links after he/she has click on your ads and it some cases it doesn’t work like that. Because some user click accidentally means if they don’t click on any links you we not earn anything and also some links ads will lead users to one of your pages if they click on it and that one will never fetch you any money.
In-short, using multiple ads units on a page will sure increase your AdSense revenue.
Don’t just stop on experiment
Try different experiment with your traffic to see what will work for you.
Try to generate audience before and after setting-up AdSense
Some publisher don’t have enough traffic and they start complain that their adsense revenue is low. First things to do is to work hard on your traffic. If you have enough traffic. Let saying you have up to 1000 visitor per day then you can optimize your Adsense.
Try to have high quality content on your blog
All publisher wants to make more money on Google AdSense. In-short everyone wants to archive success in whatever he/she is doing. So people that focus on organic traffic, they will understand what is called Brain-Ranker,
Work of brain ranker, the more people click on your url in Google search result the more the Url will rank in the search engine and such action will pass authority to that url. I’m trying to tell you that Google AdSense use domain or url Authority to distribute high cpc ads. The higher the authority the higher the CPC will increase.
For publishers that focus on SEO, when doing keyword research, try to focus on high cpc keywords


Domain Authority is another factor that has effect on your CPC

As mentioned earlier, high DA will surely increase your AdSense CPC. Because Google have to check your website condition before they can serve you ads and this algorithm of DA matters, because google focus upon their advertisers. Imagine, you want to campaign. Can you pay high value for website that has low DA?
I’m sure your answer is No, because low DA will not yield you any profit. So try all your best to increase your website DA.


If you are able to go through the above steps, then you have to monitor your progress and know the method that work best for you. By monitoring your progress, you will know ads units, ads placement that work for you.
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